Mercedes-Benz FAQs


Mercedes-Benz engines are designed to run on premium unleaded gasoline (with an octane level of at least 91) for high performance, good fuel economy and low emissions.Mercedes-Benz recommends only the use of high-quality gasoline containing additives that can prevent the build-up of carbon deposits, which can compromise your vehicle’s performance.

It’s normal for tires to wear out eventually. But you can maximize their useful lifespan with proper maintenance.
Monitor and maintain proper tire pressure values as indicated on the fuel filler door.
Check the inflation pressure in all your tires, including the spare, before going on long trips and at least once a month. The best time for your check is in the morning, after the vehicle hasn’t been used for several hours or days.
At least once a month, check to see how your tires are wearing.
Bring your car into Alex Rodriguez for tire balancing, alignment, replacement and other services that will extend the life of your tires.
NOTE: Sport tires, wheels and other high speed-rated tires provide substantially increased tread wear and reduced ride comfort when compared to H-rated tires.WARNING: Do not drive on a damaged tire or wheel. Also, note that tires, including sport tires, should be replaced after six years, regardless of the remaining tread. See your Operator’s Manual for recommendations regarding the tread depth at which tires should be replaced.
First, check that you have fuel in the gas tank.
In Mercedes-Benz Model Year Vehicles later than 1997, an empty gas tank will prompt the vehicle to switch to “limp home” (emergency operations) mode. Once you refill the fuel tank, turn off and restart the engine three or four times to cancel the “limp home” mode.Next, check the fuel cap.
It should screw on freely until you hear it click. If that was the problem, the check engine light should go off after a few starts. If the light does not go off, bring your car as soon as possible to Mercedes-Benz Clear Lake for an inspection. We use an onboard diagnostic connector to link to your vehicle to our service center’s diagnostic system. The result: an accurate assessment of your vehicle.The check engine light may illuminate as a result of several things:
A loss of pressure in the fuel system, a leaky fuel system, or a malfunction in the fuel management system, the ignition system or emission control system. It can also illuminate if there is no fuel in the gas tank. No matter what the diagnosis, you can rest assured that our highly trained specialists will provide the highest quality care and service to your vehicle.

A simple commitment to keeping your vehicle clean will help protect the paint finish. Hose off as much dirt as possible before washing the vehicle. Then clean the car using a soft brush and neutral detergents. Rinse off with clean water, and dry using a clean, non-scratching chamois leather or household cloth. (Use separate drying items for the wheels and bumpers). Do not leave drops and runs of water to dry in the sun.

If the paintwork is severely dulled or damaged, or has fine scratches or industrial deposits on the surface, consult with the service team at Mercedes-Benz Clear Lake for a thorough assessment of your options.

Absolutely. Our service center is dedicated to providing the finest customer service experience to every Mercedes-Benz owner.Ask about our Service Transport Truck, our complementary premium pick-up and delivery service. We’ll pick up your vehicle, pamper it with factory-trained technicians, then deliver it sparkling clean to your doorstep, without adding a single mile to the odometer-no matter where you bought your vehicle or whether it’s under warranty.